I run my own IT company, DA Media Limited, working predominantly with newspaper and magazine companies. I started the company in 2001 and before that worked as a Senior Analyst Programmer for Express Newspapers (The Daily & Sunday Express, Daily Star etc…). Working for yourself can be hectic, so I don’t do the normal 9-to-5, but I am my own boss and make a comfortable living from a business I actively enjoy. For the closet-geeks amongst you, I specialise in web applications primarily built using Angular, NodeJS, PHP, .Net, ColdFusion, HTML, AJAX and the usual variety of SQL databases.

For pleasure, I also enjoy making music. I play keyboards in a successful covers band called Marylebone Jelly and also write and record my own music. I also occasionally build studio hardware. I have very varied, actually eclectic, tastes in music covering rock, pop, world, alternative, and just plain odd.