The more or less finished control surface

I have had this one planned for a while… I was just waiting for something suitable to turn up on eBay and last week I managed to snag a used EPOS keyboard for ¬£5… woohoo! It’s a USB keyboard and is the TM_KMR128A made by Tipro (product info). All the keys are programmable and each can be programmed to issue a single character or a string of keystrokes.

To the right is a picture of the more-or-less finshed article. The keypresses have been programmed to map to the major shortcut-keys used by Cubase. I searched high and low for suitable icons to use under the transparent keycaps, but I couldn;t turn up anything useful, so I went ahead and created my own set using Microsoft Visio.

The main point of the contoller is to present dedicated keys for the kinds of commands you useall the time day-in day-out within Cubase and so, once you learn the positions of those keys, between that and the big icons, it should hopewfully speed up your workflow. I have noticed an improvement in my own worflow, though do find I still turn to my Frontier Tranzport for all transport control funstions, especially since it can easily be carried around the studio.