OK, I bit the bullet and ordered a full kit of parts to build a stereo SC-1 preamp with DI module and LED VU meters on
both channels a couple of weeks ago. Today the box arrived and the photos below give you an idea of the contents.
Over the next few weeks I shall be building the preamp and will post updates as I go.
First off, what I ordered was:
  • 2 x SC-1 preamp kit
  • 2 x Mini IO kit
  • 2 x VU meter kit
  • 1 x PSU kit
  • 1 x toroidal mains transformer
  • 4 x chunky pointer knobs

Separately I have also bought a 1U rackmount case, folded steel construction with 4mm aluminum faceplate and a pack of “A4 inkjet water-slide decal sheets” (which are like the transfers you used soak in water, slide off the backing sheet and then stick on your model airplane kit – but can be printed on in a standard inkjet printer). The decal sheets will be used to print the front panel legend and can apparently be baked on in a domestic oven.

I have also needed to build a new floor standing angled rack cabinet as there’s no more room in my “in-console” rack for the new preamp! I’ve included a picture of that also… all the objects are on top of it to hold the joints together whilst the glue sets up!!

So, the costs at the time of buying are:

  • Stereo SC-1 pair kit (inc PSU) = $269
  • Mini IO kit $49 x2 = $98
  • VU meter kit $19 x2 = $38
  • Plastic knobs = $8
  • USPS Shipping US to UK = $86

All comes to roughly $500. That converts to a quid or so over £280. There is no import duty, but import VAT is £42.82  plus £8 Parcelforce Clearance Fee. All in that’s a couple of quid over £330 to get it all here. The Decal sheets (10 sheets of A4) were £11. The 1U rack case was £35.

Well, that’s all for now, I’ll be adding to this thread as the build progresses. Below are the initial photos.