Another update. I built one of the DI add-on modules last night. For each of the two channels this will add a high impedance active DI input and three switches to offer a -20dB pad, phase reversal and mic/DI select options. Again the build was fairly straight forward. I didn’t install the 1/4″ jack socket as I’m planning to use a combo XLR/jack input socket to save panel space – plus I simply prefer the appearance of the combo sockets.

I have also now finished the floor-standing angled rack. I have installed a “real wood” surface on the top to match the main studio worktops that I built last year. The main surface is actually left over “engineered real wood” flooring planks and the bull-nose edging is also left over from the main studio worktops… it was some Meranti that I had custom milled and the local wood yard. The Meranti has been finished with a Walnut shade of wax stain.

As ever, here are the all important photos.