So here it finally is. At last I’ve got up off my arse and have launched a personal blog. It’s as near as I am ever likely to get to fulfilling a New Year’s resolution.

The general idea is to give myself an outlet for all the rants and ravings that have hitherto been solely delivered to my long-suffering cat, Bowie. I think publishing these ramblings might prove to be a bit more cathartic and, just possibly, a little bit entertaining to anyone unfortunate to stumble their way onto this site  between the pub and the kebab shop. It will also please my cat no end! It will no doubt cover my rantings about current events, but will also include musings and ramblings about my job, my passions and my persuits, so expect the odd snippet of music and the occasional photo.

I’ve published a few older articles and posts I’ve made to other forums and these will appear as though they were published here on the same day they were published elsewhere… just to keep things consistent chronologically.